How to fight with more than one opponent at the same time

The first thing that must be emphasized is that to fight more than one opponent is never advisable because, in most cases, the defeat is certain.

That said, the 6DKF starts exactly from this “absurd” principle: we always have to imagine to fight with multiple opponents, this will make easier to combat just one.

In 6DKF we train with the idea that the entire environment around us can be seen as a single body (objects, land, people, weapons, etc.) and that everything that can be hostile, it can be enslaved to our needs (an escarpment, the fist of an opponent, etc.).

Unfortunately, in a real fight situation it’s very common to have more than one opponent; how easy it is to learn from the myriads of witnesses, when we are in a public space it is extremely likely that an assailant has friends, accomplices or simply that some stranger decides to meddle (perhaps without fully understanding the situation).

In these cases the best solution is always the same, to use intelligence and avoid confrontation at all costs (later we will talk about techniques of peaceful negotiation). In the extreme case in which the flight is not an option, we have to fight.

Before defining the strategies to be able to face multiple opponents at the same time we must ensure to possess these characteristics, without which we are defeated even before starting:

  • Breath, to knock over the opponents an athletic endeavor requires to be sustained, we need a lot of resources and know how to economize them
  • Accuracy, we must know where to hit, how and why, errors are not allowed
  • Agility, our body must fully meet our needs (in terms of change of pace, mobility, etc.)
  • Spatial intelligence, we need to evaluate distances / positions / speed, we must know where are our opponents even when we do not see them
  • Resistance, if we are not accustomed to withstanding pain, probably we will not prevail
  • Coordination, at the same time we have to use as many parts of our body as a means of attack / defense (head, shoulders, elbows, etc.)
  • Cold blood, our reason has to be focused on the strategy and techniques best suited to prevail, our instinct to defend ourselves
  • Ability to assess priorities, we must choose what are the most dangerous opponents / attacks
  • Power, our every gesture must start and get to sign decisively (hesitation it can be fatal)
  • Technical ability, we need to know how, where and with what defend / attack (how to free us, to use ambient, opponent power, etc.)

In the next article we will see how to deal with the various types of multiple opponents.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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