How to control the perception of cold

The cold is a hand that caresses us.

The first thing to do is to understand rationally that the cold is not bad until it really hurts us. We must mark the boundary line representing the limit of our endurance and move further and further away.

When our body begins to cool, the first signal that sends us about its giving up is to stop heating the ends of our limbs and to concentrate the production of energy only near vital organs (brain, heart, lungs, etc.).

Until that happens, no matter what is going on around us: we do not have cold and we must not intervene in any way.

Our body is resisting well and effortlessly: let’s him work; let’s ignore that little discomfort, let’s imagine it is only a tactile sensation or a shudder of pleasure (later deepen better the conversion of sensory perceptions).

After starting to make sense to the cold, to free us from the strap that is holding back our body we should exit slightly from the typical conventions of civil society:

  • We cover us because it is winter and not because we have cold
  • We cover us because all are covering, to uniform us
  • We cover us to show off dresses in theme with season
  • We cover us because they tell us to cover us (parents, media, friends, etc.)
  • We cover us because we dread disease

All this does not make any sense, with the 6DKF we aim to forge independent minds from mainstream. Of course we should not start swimming in polar waters, we need patience and gradualness (discipline, concentration, preparation).

Let’s begin to:

  • Sleep (uniformly) with less clothing to gain the result of being completely without clothes
  • To bring “emergency clothing” under our arm instead of wearing them
  • To force us voluntarily to “embrace” the cold (without exaggerations)
  • To wash us with water gradually colder

We do not have to run, we have a whole life ahead, if we get sick it means that we found our limit and therefore we have been too hasty. Let’s wait the right time, the benefits of these practices are numerous, here are some:

  • Calory consumption
  • Production of brown fat (beneficial)
  • Fortification of discipline
  • Increased resistance to cold climates
  • Improved ability to assess ourselves in relation to the climate
  • Immune system stronger and thus less illness

At a more advanced stage of the study we will try to expose Qi control techniques to produce voluntarily energy (burning calories).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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