How to bridge our failings

Our training sessions do not only serve to increase our knowledges / capabilities (technical, physical, etc.) but also and above all to eliminate what we do wrong.

Understand where are the errors (in our minds, in our style, in our body, etc.) is the first step to be able to fix them.

Ourselves, our companions, who is teaching, everyone can give us useful ideas to think about. What comes from our relationships with others it should in no way be wasted because it is precisely this wealth of practical and factual experience to make our style unique and inimitable.

Anyone can read a book, follow a video course but nothing can replace what comes from practical experience. This “treasure” (thoughts, ideas, tests, etc.) is ten times more important than the martial art we are studying because it belongs to us and it is calibrated to our measure.

We are our experiences.

To not miss this incredible “added value” we must learn to take notes about what we verify, we sense, or what we want to learn better (in a deeper way); to do this we can try to follow this method:

  • Individuate (find something that is worth deepening)
  • Mark (write schematically what we have identified)
  • Deepen (learn later through dialogue and authoritative sources)
  • Develop (personally reflect on the experience in relation to the deepening)
  • Implement (convert into a practical change what we have developped)

If we have the patience and humility to do this, our martial growth will accelerate exponentially and it will increase in quality.

We must not be copies of copies faded by time, martial arts remain alive and indeed evolve only if we have the courage to put them into question, with all our limitations and peculiarities.

Therefore let’s do not forget to always carry with us pen and paper (or any immediate data storage support) because ideas are very fast and escape of mind very easily.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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