Eliminate back / cervical pain

Back / cervical pain due to contractures is typical of mental stress, too intense training or incorrect workout method. In this article we want to expose a very simple, effective and quick way to stretch / relax the back and neck.

Let’s see how:

  • Let’s take 2 tennis or baseball balls (they’re also fine in plastic)
  • Let’s find a smooth wall that can be “dirtied” and (if possible) let us take off the shirt
  • Let’s relax mind and body, we have to slowly breathe (we can also use ambient music)
  • Let’s put the balls together and let’s position them between our back and the wall
  • The balls must always be one at the right and one a left side of our spine
  • Let’s start by positioning them at the base of the buttocks
  • Let’s move slowly upwards and downwards pushing the back against the wall
  • The part that interests us is in the vicinity of the spine (we have to keep the balls together, with hands if necessary)
  • If the balls are separated it just happens that the massage extends to the rest of the back
  • As the contractures are dissolved in the gluteal area, we have to move the balls in the highest areas (up to the neck)
  • We have to cover the entire length of the back but we must insist (with caution) on the points that major cause “pain”
  • We try to make slow movements and intense
  • During the exercise itself, if we are doing it well, we will feel a strong sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • In a few sessions (probably 1-2) of self-massage and if our problem is due solely to numbness / contractures, the pain will disappear
  • The same practice can be performed on the ground instead of against the wall

Important notes:

  • Before performing the exercise we must consult with our family doctor
  • At the first sensation of pain or discomfort we must interrupt the practice
  • We do not have to do this massage in the presence of unhealed trauma / inflammation / etc., we always have to wait that our body for being stabilized
  • If the contractures are very strong it is a good practice to do a relaxing hot shower before starting the practice

This exercise comes from Yoga and it has a very high efficiency level; the advice is to practice for 10 minutes a day until complete recovery. Later we will see such other useful applications to increase flexibility during / after a power stretching sessions.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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