Conditioning to pain: hitting our body

After having familiarized with the conditioning to pain, we can add a new exercise to the range of those available to us, the auto-percussion of our body (as the precedent it is not mandatory but it is important).

We have said this in the past article but we want to repeat that the conditioning process must be gradual, we have to carefully drop the strength against ourselves (especially if our skills already allow us to deliver ample power in a very small space).

The exercise:

  • We have to start to gently poke our body (from head to toe)
  • We do not want to leave uncovered parts, we need to cover the entire surface of our body
  • Let’s hit with rhythmic cadence at 1 second intervals
  • Let’s hit a maximum of 2 times the same point
  • Depending on where we hit we need to learn to place our hands in the most effective way
  • Let’s pay great attention to delicate parts like ears, nose, neck, temples, eyes, cheekbones, chin, mouth, genitals, hips, the lower back (etc. and generally the central line of body)
  • Let’s perform the exercise for 10 minutes

To perform this type of conditioning is important (through the last slapping exercise) to have already an idea of the points that can bring more damage / pain in order to measure the power properly.

Even here, after 5-6 sessions we can start:

  • Giving more power/intensity
  • Use more technical in hitting
  • Hitting with a more rapid rhythmic cadence
  • Hitting up to 10 times the same part

Our goal is not to hurt ourselves but to become, with time, less sensitive (mind and body) to increasingly intense pain; in this context it should be stressed that in this type of exercises we must not perform pain absorption / mitigation techniques.

As we will see later, during a real fight the pain suffered must be: accepted, transformed, controlled and / or ignored.

In the next article we will see a third type of more intense pain conditioning. Let us not anticipate the times, faster to condition means getting hurt, does not mean toughen ourselves.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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