Body Conditioning: the slapping

One of the first and simplest body conditioning exercises for the impacts is that of slapping; this practice is indicated (with the right caution) also for novices, in fact:

  • It establishes the basis for the psychological and physical resilience of the practitioner (the body surface gets used to be beaten and with time also the internal parts)
  • It improves the general state of the body in various respects (eg. blood circulation, reasserts the position of the body’s compositional elements)
  • In many cases, like a proper massage, it eliminates accumulation of harmful material (eg fat, skin rashes, etc.)
  • It increases the perception of our body and open / release the Qi’s channels
  • It strengthens effectively and in a (relatively) secure way muscles, bones, tendons, etc.

This is a very simple training that, depending on the intensity and type of impact, can be valid for all levels of experience; let’s see how to do it:

  • Let’s wear comfortable and thin clothes that do not affect the intensity of the blows (maximum 1 layer, except for the genitals)
  • Let’s slap symmetrically every part of our body (maximum 5-10 reps per part)
  • The hand that slaps must be open and the arm relaxed (the shots are frustrated)
  • Let’s start from the head and let’s get to the feet, we have to try not to exclude anything (let’s play special attention to the genitals, the breast, eyes, throat and especially the ears)
  • The entire exercise can be performed for a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours (but only sometimes and only for experts)


  • Let’s start with very gentle / little slaps and after some weeks let’s start increasing intensity
  • If we are able to inflict very powerful blows or apply special attack techniques, let’s limit their incisiveness with intelligence (even the most conditioned organism has limits that should not be exceeded)
  • Especially at the beginning let’s avoid doing this practice every day (every 3-4 days it’s okay)
  • We must calibrate the type of impact with gradualness and in relation to the sensitivity of the area we are conditioning
  • Let’s avoid damaged / wounded / painful / ultra sensitive / etc. areas; in particular let’s be careful not to strike the ears with closed fingers or with palm, we risk damaging the eardrum with the air movement
  • As usual, we always have to consult a physician before taking any type of training; if we feel any kind of discomfort we must also stop immediately


  • Sometimes we can try to slide our Qi along the areas we hit (before / after / during practice) or to apply impact control techniques through breathing
  • If we want, we can perform the exercise naked in the shower, under the water or with completely wet clothes (this limits the incidence of the tissue on the skin)
  • When the conditioning begins to be considerable we can inflict more powerful hits (eg. using fa jing) but always being careful to be far from causing damage


  • In a first step, let’s do not sneeze directly on our skin
  • For the first time, it is possible that by smacking some parts of our body appear red spots (eg on fatty accumulation), it is quite normal, with time it should not happen again

With the time the incidence of opposing blows will start to decrease (both physiologically and psychologically). Later we will see other types of conditioning.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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