A little trick: the secret guard of the 6DKF

As we have already mentioned, in a real situation, our opponents do not let us to understand they really want to attack until they are in close contact with us (a distance often less than our forearm).

If we keep a normal posture at a so close distance, intercepting opponent’s blows is very difficult even for a good practitioner (we have small space, small time to react and many obstacles).

Ideally the best thing to do is to raise any type of guard but, sometimes, it is better and smarter to avoid to show that:

  • We are seriously ready to fight (raising the escalation of violence)
  • We take the situation seriously (we fear for our safety)

Raise the guard, in essence, it’s a signal that can easily be interpreted as “we are going to fight” (turning a simple verbal quarrel into something really serious).

The 6DKF has (among others), a guard that responds both to the immediate need to protect us, with the need to limit the use of violence. This is not anything amazing, just a little trick:

  • Let’s close our fists and let out part of the thumb
  • Let’s fold our arms and bring your fists up to our chest
  • We have to give the idea of wanting to put our thumbs under our arms in a natural way
  • Our thumbs in reality must never go under the arms (even during the movement)
  • The thumbs must be folded and propped to the index finger
  • Externally it will seems that the thumbs are tucked well, in practice they are just resting on the chest
  • We can choose to have parry-open or fist-closed hands

The deception lies in the fact of taking a pose rather common, in truth, we find ourselves with hands ready to attack / divert / channel / etc. (for example a probable attack to the face).

The trick covers that little time lag that can connect our reflexes to an effective reaction (instead of a possible immediate knock out).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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