The 6DKF’s PVC wooden dummy

In the 6 Dragons Kung Fu we use various types of dummy (made of wood, metal, fabric, etc.), each of which has different peculiarities and training objectives.

Vaguely similar to the classic Muk Yan Jong (or Mu Ren Zhuang) of Wing Chun (but also Jeet Kune Do, Choy Lee Fut, etc.), the dummy we are describing is called “6DKF Reactive Dummy”.

Let’s see some of the main features:

  • It is very cheap because it is composed entirely of recovery material (metal, PVC pipes, wood, etc.)
  • It has the remarkable advantage of having mobile arms able to react to our stresses (in a way not entirely predictable)
  • Although it is not done to be hit at full power it is relatively stable and durable
  • It absorbs the bumps by vibrating slightly (it is rather heavy and it can also rotate on the Y axis)
  • In the remote case where it breaks, it is always possible to build another (it’s really cheap)

The practice with this dummy is extremely varied, the 6DKF Reactive Dummy allows to:

  • Develop tactile feel of opponent’s arms (they can be pulled, moved, hit, etc.)
  • Increase the functional speed of the lower and upper limbs (its speed is “adjusted” to ours)
  • Affine precision of the upper limbs (grab, touch, etc.)
  • Coordinate upper and lower extremities simultaneously (eg. we can train to use lower kicks at the same time when we manage arms)
  • Simulate interaction with “defensive” limbs in dynamic motion that can also “attack” us
  • Train our minds to find time and space for sequential and / or synchronous attacks / defenses
  • Begin to condition knuckles, elbows, wrists (etc.)


  • It does not need glue or bolts, it can be built by anyone, (it does not require special skills or special tools)
  • Although it can be used with gloves and with additional protections it is not suitable for a beginner
  • This is an experimental model (we are creating an assembly guide)

Later we will talk about the other dummy of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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