6DKF’s interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch

In 6DKF’s free body combat (weapons will be discussed later) there are several types of “contact” with opponents, these are divided into:

  • Solid, those (mostly) involving strength and resistance
  • Liquid, those (mostly) involving balance and spatial intelligence
  • Fluid, those that do not involve (in primary mode) the contact

The solid contacts include:

  • Hitting and tackle
  • Lock and subdue
  • Push and pull

The liquid contacts include:

  • Leaning on and semi-leaning on
  • Channel
  • Project

The fluid contacts include instead:

  • Light touch
  • Attract and repel
  • Body deceiving

The combined use (and consistent with the situation) of these connections with the ambient and with our opponents allow us to have a very wide range of possibilities as well as the full capability to adapt ourself to our opponents.

In future articles we will have a deeper look of these 3 types of interaction in 6DKF.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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