5 effective ways to find a training partner

As we saw in the article “Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?”, In every kind of serious martial training is crucial:

  • The solitary training (every day)
  • The training with partners (not necessarily every day)

So let’s look at some ideas on finding partners with whom share our workout:

  • Go to free test lessons, attending various courses / gyms (not necessarily about martial arts) and taking advantage of the free trial each time we can find various types of training partner; this practice has obvious temporal and ethical limits, but it can also be useful to link relationships (we do not forget to share contacts with people with whom we feel good)
  • Private lessons with instructors / masters, this strategy offers the highest quality level, in fact we can train each time with different / experienced practitioners from all the possible styles / disciplines; unfortunately this cost a lot and probably it will limit our decisional autonomy (a person who teaches rarely will do what we want, even if we pay him)
  • Write a free ad where we ask for martial arts training partners, on public sites, newspapers, social networks, message boards, martial arts forums (etc.); if we want we can also offer a small payment but it is important to specify basic technical requirements and above all correctness
  • Asking relatives (brothers, cousins, etc.) or friends (acquaintances, students, colleagues, etc.); this option is the most obvious but not always the easiest to pursue (engaging those around us in activities that provide physical contact is more difficult than we can imagine)
  • Print business cards or flyers where we communicate our availability to joint mutual training (a lot of people have the same problem); even this may seem expensive, we will certainly have to spend less than for private lessons with experts

Final tips:

  • It is also important to find a good training place to share (legal, secure and harmless, especially if we don’t know anything about the people that will come)
  • Let’s try to put together a training group of motivated people (social networks are ideal for organizing periodic appointments and maintaining contacts)
  • The important thing is to find reliable people and at the same time be able to stand at our own pace or slightly higher (high or low)
  • The ultimate advice is to experiment together the previous strategies

In the next article of this series, we will see what are the ideal characteristics for training partners and some ideas about a place to train.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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