4 hours individual training session sample 6

An example of an advanced daily training session of 6DKF (4 hours, individual, including some special / specific tools and exercises):

  • 10 minutes of body extreme tension and immediate relaxation (with the Qi)
  • 10 minutes of fast locating and hitting pressure points (on the mannequin)
  • 30 minutes of high speed fighting against a speedaball hanging on an elastic rope on another (small space, real obstacles)
  • 20 minutes of various kind of jumps (even with the 20-25Kg Kettelbell / jilet)
  • 20 minutes of various exercises for the abs with the 25Kg Kettelbell (or a similar weight)
  • 10 minutes of precision gaining with the rope against 8 wooden poles (small target, no interruption of the flow)
  • 30 minutes of double fabric training and full body (high speed, long throws)
  • 10 minutes of flexible chinese sword and the fabric at high speed (with low lighting)
  • 10 minutes of various kind of finger / wrist pushups
  • 10 minutes of acrobatics (depending on the level of the practitioner and his body / mind conditions)
  • 10 minutes of punch combinations against a a wall
  • 10 minutes of kick combinations against a a cylindrical wooden pole (or a tree)
  • 60 minutes of 6DKF’s forms (alternating high speed and slow flow)

Remember this is not a training for a novice, it is dangerous and it requires a certain effort. Even this time we’ve included some specific tools (the mannequin, the poles, etc.) and some more particular exercises (pressure points, etc.), not worry, we will see everything with specific articles.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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